Terrasect Edit

Terrasect is a human-controlled region in the West. The area was seized by humans during the 500-Years' War and all non-humans, especially Beasts, were expelled on pain of death. It was established as a human sanctuary.

The area remains completely closed to all non-human races. Because of this the area's considered cursed by most non-humans, but it thrives quite well with patches of woodlands, plateaus, rivers, meadows, and the likes. The humans have set up huge settlements here, some of which could even be considered cities.

Layout Edit

Most of Terrasect is undeveloped. The land here is rich and good for farming, fishing, and hunting, with various types of terrain overlapping each other: forests, rivers, marshlands, and mountains. Wildlife abounds.

Humans here live simply, often in rough, semi-domesticated areas with few neighbours. In a few places they've come together to make settlements. The most populated are Philisia, a mining city near the border, and Kohlville to the south. There are also a number of trading posts scattered around the country where people can buy supplies and sell pelts and wares. Caravans pass through Terrasect on special, dedicated highways from which they cannot deviate, meaning small settlements have sprouted up along the highways wherever the vans usually stop.

A wall surrounds Terrasect on all sides except the coast. The wall is guarded by the Wall Families, human lineages that've lived near the wall for centuries and consider its safekeeping their sacred duty. It's considered best manners to give food, pelts, or other sustaining items to any member of the Wall Families you meet.

People Edit

Most people from Terrasect are used to getting by on very little. They're tough, hardy folk who do what it takes to survive. Most humans found here are extremely biased, and a great many of them have a deep, festering, inherited hatred for werecreatures and beasts. Don't be surprised to find stuffed werewolves frozen in households, Cheshire cats enslaved to humans, or taverns entertaining with their very own Kitsuné.

Terrasect's humans are sometimes called "Beast Hunters," referring to any beast. But they have an especially violent dislike of the Great Beasts. The one that used to rule their area was killed, badly, by a slew of humans during the 500-Years' War. If it's come back nobody knows about it.

A few humans consider it their business to actively hunt beasts. There's excellent money to be made in rare pelts, teeth, and claws, plus the prestige and honour of being a defender of the homeland, but the job is highly dangerous.