Welcome to the Sihiri WikiaEdit

No matter what genre of roleplay you're looking to write, there's a place in Sihiri for you. We're a PG-13 hub for RP. We incorporate many different fantasy RP genres into one unified world. We've got dedicated players with all sorts of interests -- medieval, high and low fantasy, Renaissance, steampunk, you name it. Come see what we're all about!

The world of SihiriEdit

Sihiri is a nexus, meaning characters can come here from other worlds. But it's also a self-sustaining world of its own. There are no kingdoms -- instead there are settlements (human) and territories (elves, shifters, and Beasts). If your character wants to climb to power or topple an empire, this is the world for them.

If your RP site doesn't allow a certain race or ability, Sihiri offers a way to be creative without getting shut down. For instance, if you usually write on Boundless Universe (medieval), you can use Sihiri to mesh your characters with futuristic ones from Final World. Or you can take your Dis characters back in time to Terrasect using Sihiri's forums.

In other words, Sihiri is two things:

  1. a place where people can write original stories (based on the lore of other RP sites), and
  2. a crossover site where players can blend characters, plots, and technologies from other places.

We welcome all PG-13 (and tamer) RP. There are certain rules and policies that apply to all RP here, regardless of origin. Please make sure you read the Rules and Suggestions before beginning to play.

Latest activityEdit

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