Shapeshifters Edit

RESTRICTED -- Full shifters are restricted. The rest can be played without Admin approval.

Shapeshifters ("shifters") are beings who can change shape at will. There are several different types:

  • Box shifters can take the shape of any inanimate object, plus one human shape
  • Face-shifters can take any humanoid shape
  • Nature shifters can take the shape of any non-sentient being, such as trees and rocks
  • Beast shifters can take any animal shape, but no other (no humanoid shape)
  • Stateshifters can transform their bodies into a gas, liquid, and/or solid
  • Full shifters can take the shape of anything with mass

Werecreatures are considered a separate race, since they're only capable of taking two predetermined forms.

Shapeshifters can choose what they look like. For instance, if a full shifter decided to become a human, it could choose to have black hair and brown eyes, or it could choose to be blond and blue. There's really no limit. Their lifespan is about 100 years.

Racial abilities Edit

Shifting is an adaptation designed to camoflage the user, not to make them powerful. Shifters gain the appearance of whatever they choose, not its strengths or powers. For instance, if a shifter chose to look like a demon they would not gain super strength and speed.

Most shifters are therefore very tactful, sly, silver-tongued people who specialise in espionage and stealth. They are invaluable allies for city-owners.