Nymphs Edit

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Nymphs are female creatures whose spirits are attached to particular places. Sihiri has several types of nymph:

  • Nereid -- A nymph attached to a river or body of water.
  • Dryad -- A nymph attached to a type of tree or a copse of trees.
  • Hamadryad -- A nymph attached to a particular tree.
  • Hesperid -- A celestial nymph (attached to a star).
  • Oread -- A nymph attached to a certain landform.

The fate of the nymph is tied to their place: if the place dies, so does she; if the place is harmed, so is she. Most nymphs are therefore extremely protective of whatever they're tied to. They are usually not very powerful as far as magic or attacks, though they do have some old earth magics at their disposal (and most have plenty of allies). But they are experts at seducing and manipulating. It's said that in one heartbeat a nymph can identify whatever a person wants most; in another she can become it.

Nymphs rarely travel far from their places of power. They can, physically, but they pine and waste when they're away for too long.

The Twelfth Crown is an especial favourite of the nymphs.