Lythari Edit

RESTRICTED -- Extinct. Feel free to make half- or partial-lythari.

Lythari were the Fair Folk's version of werewolves. They were pure, good-natured creatures with a complete desire for peace. During the Dragon Wars all lythari were hunted to extinction, but many of their partial descendents survive today. Barghests are said to be lythari subjected to evil experiments during the wars.

Appearance Edit

Lythari looked very similar to werewolves, except they tended to be extremely large -- over 6'6" in humanoid form and a third again as large as a normal wolf form. They did not have an anthro form. The humanoid form of a lythari closely resembled an elf (compared to the humanoid form of a werewolf, which usually resembles a human).

Traits Edit

Lythari were incredibly peaceful. They refused to fight unless absolutely necessary, in which case their attacks were almost always lethal.

They hunted like wolves and ate much the same kinds of things, but they were rarely found in packs of their own kind, choosing instead to travel singly among a pack of werecreatures. Whenever a lythari joined a were pack, that pack was said to be blessed. Most werecreatures treated lythari with pure respect and deference. Lythari were not given a rank within the pack, treated instead like honoured guests.

Evil-aligned creatures were instinctively driven to attack lythari. It's said lythari blood could heal any wound and could even sometimes repair magical items. However, once a person used that blood they'd be bound to the donor lythari for life - and vice versa - so the blood was rarely offered out.

Half-lythari may inherit any number of these traits or none at all.