Little Demmana is a city in northern Vanheim (Terrasect). It was formerly known as Mayfil. The city is perpetually blanketed in snow and is subject to freezing, deadly storms. The only lasting landmark is Fort Mayfil, a huge stone presidio, although the remnants of Demmana's longterm campsites may still be found surrounding the fort.

History Edit

Mayfil was built when Chezao was first expanding. Dragnoth wished to trade with Forcystus to the east but was blocked by the Black Mountains, breachable only at the Northern Pass, which led straight into Vanheim. He built Fort Mayfil in order to control the Pass. In time it became a necessary restocking point for traders traveling from Forcystus to Chezao and back, and an outpost for Chezao's Black Chain.

After Chezao expanded southward, more hospitable routes became available and Fort Mayfil gradually became obsolete.

In the Third Era, Promethea chose Mayfil as a strategic point against Chezao. They sent Demmana up to seize the fort. While Demmana was gone, Promethea was destroyed and Demmana became stranded in Mayfil for the next four years.

The climate reduced their numbers dramatically. When Promethea was rebuilt most of Demmana chose to return to the city, leaving Little Demmana a near-unpopulated ghost town.

Today the city houses the Northern Branch of Demmana as well as some Blue refugees. The climate discourages most long-term settlers.

Known for Edit

Mayfil was the original home of Baird, the rock demon who led Kalivos during the Second Era.

At Little Demmana, guild law was changed to accommodate marriage.