Creatures Edit

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Creatures are animals which have no alternate form. Some creatures are self-aware, some are not. Not all of them can speak. Some elves may be able to speak with some otherwise-mute creatures using an innate form of animal telepathy.

List of creatures Edit

Cheshire cat Edit

A creature which appears to be an ordinary cat, save for its incredibly large grin. Cheshire cats are able to appear and disappear at will, in part or in whole, and to become intangible and/or weightless. They can also levitate and may appear anywhere at all, with or without anything to support them.

Cheshires are highly intelligent. While mischievous and prone to causing trouble, they are good-natured at heart and often help those in need. Cheshire cats are capable of speech, though they may choose not to speak for long periods of time. They are very fond of riddles.

It is difficult to keep a Cheshire cat as a pet, mostly because they don't like to be kept. However, they're a popular pet in the beast-hunting West.

Bennu Edit

A sootier, less-aware relative of the phoenix. Bennu are large black birds with glowing flame-coloured underfeathers and wing-tips. Their tails droop in a long glowing train much like a peacock's. On their heads they have a crest of bright emberous feathers. The bennu's eyes are orange streaked with gold. They feel quite warm to the touch and may become uncomfortable to keep on one's shoulder for long.

Bennu are very rare. They are sometimes kept as pets by high members of the Magic Council at Cethern, since they're able to amplify any magics cast in their presence -- selectively, by choice. They are intelligent and self-aware but are unable to speak. Bennu have strong opinions about who they like and dislike. They eat berries and, as a treat, hot coals.