Chansure Province is a region in South Chezao, Terrasect. It is ruled by Eosimar, who owes fealty to Dragnoth Slythe. Chansure spans the upper desert from coast to coast, making it impossible to pass from Northern Chezao into the wolven lands without crossing Eosimar's territory. For this reason, Chansure is considered a strategic ally.

Terrain Edit

The entire province is uniformly hot, sandy, and arid. Great red rocks rise up from the desert in some places, especially to the north. Further south the ground gives way to dunes and long sandy stretches. Water is very scarce. Oases are dangerous places, often guarded by families or overrun with bandits.

Temperatures are uniform throughout the year: burning hot during the day, freezing cold at night. Chansure recognises three seasons. In Monsoon Season, lightning storms pass over the plains and shower everything with torrents of water, causing floods and landslides and terrible lightning burns. This corresponds with our spring and early summer. In Dry Season there is no rain and no wind. Dry season lasts from mid-summer to late autumn. Finally, in winter and early spring there are terrible sandstorms that blot out the entire world from sight. The sandstorms can suffocate people, badly abrade their skin, and destroy their belongings.

Chansure City Edit

Chansure City is the capital of the province. It is entirely underground, save for its skylights. The City stretches for thousands of miles in all directions, completely unseen from aboveground.

Inside, the city is a system of hallways connecting rooms where families live, work, and train. Each room has a skylight far, far overhead, plus lamps at night. The hallways are colour-coded. Each wall and the floor are tiled with a certain colour. Rooms and corridors to the west are tiled in green, for example. The further east a person goes, the more blue-ish the green becomes until the walls are entirely blue (and the viewer stands in the eastern quadrant of the city). Northern tiles are gold and southern tiles are white.

Chansure City is a military city. All members are capable fighters, trained from birth to win grand-scale wars. They are a generally-silent people who keep to themselves.

Allies and enemies Edit

Technically, Chansure is a part of Chezao (and therefore ruled by Chezao's monarch). In practice the province is autonomous, following Eosimar alone. Dragnoth allowed it to slide because he was consistently allied with Eosimar.

The armies at Chansure City have historically allied with Hemset.